The Course



The swim consists of 16 lengths of the Marl Pits Leisure Centre. Triathletes will be seeded according to their estimated  swim time, with the slowest swimmers setting off first.  The event has waves of four swimmers starting together. There will be a gap of 4 minutes between each wave, meaning that there should be no more than 3 other swimmers in your lane at any one time.


Swim hats will be provided.

  • Follow the directional signs in that lane, i.e. clockwise or anticlockwise.
  • Look to make sure your path is clear before pushing off the wall.
  • Keep close to the lane rope and try not to drift to the center of the lane. This will avoid head-on collisions.
  • Be aware of and respect other swimmers in your lane.
  • If another swimmer is catching you up they will tap your toes, let them pass at the end of the lane, not in the middle – this will avoid head-on collisions.
  • Back stroke is not allowed.


The bike course is one loop of 21k.  The course is hilly and includes several fast descents. All junctions will be marshaled and the more hazardous junctions will be indicated by a red flag and whistles. So please take notice of these and slow down when directed.

Triathletes must obey the normal rules of the road while competing

Directional arrows will be attached to lampposts along the route.  Marshals will have a puncture repair kit and mobile phone contact with the race organisers in case you need assistance. A rescue vehicle will also be on the bike course to assist where needed.
There is a very fast decent starting just after the second cattle grid at the 7 mile point.  It is possible to reach speed in access of 40 miles per hour on this section. The descent ends at a T-junction where you will have to STOP.  We will have several marshals at this junction, but please take extra care here.


The last 5 miles of the bike course is mostly down hill through a number of small villages. Please be aware that people driving the 100 meters to collect their Sunday papers are not going to expect cyclists speeding through their streets. Take care!


Unfortunately the bike course has a set of traffic light 800m from the end of the course. As a result ALL competitors will be directed to dismount their cycles and run/walk 30 metres where they will be able to remount their bike to complete the course. Although this is not ideal, it is fair to all competitors.

There are no aid stations on the bike course so competitors will need to carry their own drinks.

Download the Rossendale Triathlon Cycle  Map

Download the Rossendale Triathlon Cycle Elevation Map



The run is 5k consisting of 3 loops of an undulating  course. The route is mostly off road on a mixture of grass, hard pack trail and road.  Normal trainers will generally be fine unless there has been a lot of recent rain.

At the completion of the first and second lap competitors will collect a wrist band. Once they have then completed a further third lap they will be directed onto the running track to finish in front of the adoring fans

The route will be signposted and marshaled. You cannot get lost!

Download the Rossendale Triathlon Run Map



Download the Rossendale Triathlon Transition Map